About Us

Bright Kiosk is a worldwide professional supplier for self-service kiosks and electronic components.

Bright Kiosk specializes in designing, fabricating, assembling & developing self-service kiosks and supplies OEM & custom kiosk hardware solutions for many applications, for example: information check, banking, ticketing, communications, insurance, gaming, tourism, health care, leisure, ATM, post, photo booths etc.

Bright Kiosk which has the factory located in Guangdong, China can produce high-quality enclosure and has good supplying chain for kiosks peripherals & the ability of controlling costs/ lead time.

Bright Kiosk------The Best Choice for your Kiosks Hardware Solution!


The factory of Bright Kiosk is over 10,000 square meters producing facility which can shear, bend, weld punch, roll, polish, buff, mill, grind, paint, surface finish and assembly. Since all these capabilities can be finished in-house, Bright Kiosk can make sure all the products with high-quality, low cost and lead-time and service.




    Address:Economic and Technological Development Zone, Shenzhen,China

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